My Best of 2010 list

Just put up my 2010 list. Hope I haven't forgotten anything (It really does feel like an awfully long time between Mass Effect 2 and now). I probably should have done this when I was at home and can look at my shelf of games.


First Post!!!

Hey guys,  

Pretty much just doing this for the quest points...let's see, what's been going on... 
Just beat Alan Wake last night. Actually a pretty solid game with a decent story (once you get past the writers writing about writers writing about writers). Some of the best use of "light" i've seen so far in a game. It gets a bit "samey" after a while (all you really do is shoot the same three guys over and over). And the facial animation is passable at best, nightmare inducing at worst. 
My wife beat AssBro. It's really the only current-gen franchise she cares about (other than Rock Band, but that doesn't really count). I think she likes it because she doesn't have to shoot anything, which is rare in a AAA title these days. i would keep it in mind as a game to give to non-gamers, because I really do think shooting is intimidating to people who aren't comfortable with dual analog sticks.
Stuck on the last stage of Super Meat Boy. I'm sure i'll beat it eventually. Man that's a good game. 
Going to start 3D dot game heroes next (it's 20 dollars on Amazon now). Maybe i'll write a review when i'm done.