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Naked Cartoon Podcast #5: Vince Strikes Back


Apologies for the late podcast and lack of detailed show notes! Corrupted audio and a stubborn HEX editor results in such delays! We'll be back to our normal schedule as soon as possible. VinceNotVance rejoins the normal NCP Crew after a few weeks of hiatus! This week's discussion revolve around Vince's drunken adventures in England while Wendy's, internet privacy, Crispy M&Ms and 3D movies make it into the mix! Intro music (below) is "After School" from the Persona 3 Portable Original Soundtrack; artist is Shoji Meguro.
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Numbers for Episode IV: Reloading Arms

Episode IV downloads: 73 (~12% decrease*)
New subscribers: 40 (~88% increase*)
New site visits: 4 (~73% decrease*)
*Compared to Episode III: Brought to You by the Number Three


Episode downloads: 217
Subscribers: 81
Site visits: 29