Say What? Say Waffles!

Howdy fellow duders,

This implosion of Whiskey Media has prompted me to become a lot more active the last couple days on the forums, and now that i've gotten a taste of it I don't feel I want to be a watcher in the dark any longer. I've been a member for quite a while (closing in on three years now) but more or less came for the content provided by the bombsquad and not so much for the community. However, that is about to change so I figured i'd throw up my first blog entry as a way to say hello... Hello!

Also to share with you all this sorry state i've just found myself in. I've been busy all day working on a rather large essay, as well as keeping track with all the developments of the former family of sites once known as Whiskey Media, and tomorrow I have to rise quite early (5:00 am) to go to work (i don't advise any of you ever take a job at a grocery store deli) which has managed to sap me of all possible energy. As a result i didn't feel like cooking tonight so it's Eggo Waffles for me! Now, i've had pretty pathetic dinners before but this feels like an all-time low, lower even then the time all i had to eat in a weekend was a plethora of peanut butter and banana sandwiches (which i HIGHlY recommend). But in the spirit of slothfulness this will have to suffice. Should i be ashamed of myself? Perhaps, but i love me some cheap ass frozen waffles...

Bon Appetit!
Bon Appetit!