Keeping a little busy

I'm planning to take a keyboarding test later today, to help with my job hunt.  I'm going mostly because my younger brother needs it for his job searching (he's applied to be some kind of librarian, and needs to know his words-per-minute).  I'm going because it's free, and it's just easier to go ahead and take the test, whether I need it or not, than it is to drag myself all the way out there again.  Besides, being able to compare with him is bound to be fun. 
Last night, I woke up around midnight, so I only got like 10 hours of sleep.  I ate, then I logged onto Guild Wars and played some in the Random arenas.  I did alright there; I won a few gladiator points, which isn't bad since I was mostly messing with semi-new builds and skills I don't often use.  I realized Migraine is a lot better than it used to be, so I tried it and a number of other things.  Then I played some on my other characters;  I played my warrior, whom I almost never use.  I got her just a little closer to her Silver Eagle armor set; she needs to finish the Eye of the North campaign to get it (technically she doesn't need the last mission, but since it takes less than 10 minutes it's hard to justify going so far and not finishing the game). 
Then I logged onto DDO as my wizard and bought some spell scrolls.  I made level 5 not too long ago, and rather than pick spells I really wanted, I picked from among the spells that you can't buy in stores (it was a much shorter list - I picked two of the three).  The effect of this was that I really needed to actually buy scrolls once I figured out what I wanted.  I did like one of the spells I got (it's like a mass of Magic Missiles that hits one target for small damage, then splits up into 5 missiles that hit other nearby targets).  Anyway, I wanted more spells.  I've been using the summon spell quite a bit (it helps when soloing a lot), so I upgraded from Summon Monster II to III.  I bought a handful of other random spells that either looked fun, or seemed like staples (people like to make those good). 

Now I'm randomly chatting and waiting for my family to get ready to go take the test.  I trimmed my nails for it; super-long nails get in the way when typing.  There's nothing quite like losing 10 wpm just because your damned nails keep hitting the wrong keys.