Wasting Away

I'm not getting much done here.  I feel like I'm in limbo, waiting on word from grad school.  I may call/email somebody "soon".  

As for how I spend my time (besides waiting), I did some cleaning earlier today in my room.  I made some progress, and it might be better now than it was when I started.  I didn't get much done: I moved a book case across the room, I got most of the dirty clothes up off the floor (and determined I needed a new hamper), I fixed up the closet by rearranging bulky items and moving around boxes, I moved the big monitor that was blocking access to the closet, I cleared off my table of junk, I put up some of the games that were laying about, and I plan to do more soon.

I really wanted to clear off my table so I could get back to my pet project, which has been on hold since my younger brother got his bed set up in there.  Now I might have space to work again, and I might find a way to solve an infinite number of equations simultaneously!  Or I'll just run around in logical circles for a little while, but I could use the exercise.  

I'm also hoping that it will help keep me sharp, because I don't get enough exposure to technical stuff here.  I'm still watching the NASA channel off and on;  I glean a little bit from an estimated two hours average per week of NASA, plus whatever random time I spend watching other programming which may have some technical merit hidden in it somewhere.  I'm going to need to get something done soon, or I'm going to be in deep poo, because I hate being idle and I don't like to think I'm going to stagnate here.

Still hating being home, although I think the real rub is my inability to get out on my own right now.  Waiting on word from grad school is driving me a little nuts, but I can't really sign a contract for anything until I've gotten my acceptance or rejection letter.  I fully expect I'll be accepted to grad school, but if I'm not I also want to be prepared to spring into finding work (again).  I've got a unique set of skills, even (especially) for an engineer, so I hope I can bring it together.

I'm rambling now, so I'll stop here about life.

Played Mabinogi briefly, but didn't get the quest I had planned to done.  One of our party members was having computer problems, so we put it off until later.  I wasn't really keen on doing it, but I was tired from working in my room and my friend (the other party member) was emphatic about trying to get it done "sometime soon".

I tried out Swarm Arena on a demo on Steam.  All the reviews said it was painfully short on content.  I thought it was a "maybe" at best, and after seeing that it had maybe a couple hours worth of content, it didn't seem worth $10.