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This Ain't No Game, But It Sure Is Great 0

Ceremony of Innocence provides an incredibly unique and rewarding experience, but it struggles to meet expectations of what constitutes a game. Based on the Griffin and Sabine trilogy by Nick Bantock, Ceremony takes you through the story of Griffin, a neurotic young English artist, and his mysterious South Sea Island muse Sabine, of whom he becomes aware at the very beginning. In the process, it challenges your understanding of interactivity and storytelling. But is it a game?Only one part of C...

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Best Game Ever Set on a Train Across Europe 3

Released to little fanfare -- but some critical praise -- way back in 1997, Jordan Mechner's mystery-adventure masterpiece The Last Express quickly fell under the radar and remains there to this day. It couldn't help that it is a point-and-click adventure game sent out into the world amidst a dying, stagnant, and largely ignored genre. Nor did it benefit from a non-existent marketing campaign -- the story goes that the entire marketing staff of publisher Brøderbund quit the company a sh...

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Rise of the Dragon: Game Over never felt so right 0

Rise of the Dragon is now almost 20 years old, but that didn't stop it being one of the most immersive experiences I have every had. It mixes the futuristic-dystopian-cyberpunk elements of Blade Runner with a more traditional pulp adventure to create flawed and believable - yet simultaneously clichéd - characters and a terrifying future Los Angeles.What makes the game so immersive, though, is the way that actions really do have consequences, and there are many ways to progress to the end of the ...

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