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Games That I Beat In 2010...

This is nothing more than a visual representation of exactly how much of my life I wasted in 2010:

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  • Got my first official S-Rank on it! Mostly because I don't consider Fight Night Round 3 to count, haha.

  • Finally got around to beating this after a year of having it sit on my shelf. That game was a-okay, and then some. I still fell asleep during the ending (one of those all-nighter kind of deals), so I still have to beat the ending again just to figure out what the hell went on. SNAAAAAKKEEEE!!!!

  • Good game. Not sure if it was worth $15, but it was definitely a unique experience and a very interesting story. Ending was pretty amazing, I'll admit.

  • Not as good as the first, but a fun return to Rapture. Honestly, better than I could've hoped for, or expected it to be!