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Sonic Forces - Sonic Teams last chance at making a good Sonic game 0

Introduction(Review contains major spoilers. This is to properly convey the bullshit that is the main story of the game)Sonic Forces was once formerly known as Project Sonic 2017 and was first teased in 2016. Back then we didn't even know the name of Nintendo's newest platform yet we knew this game was going to be released on it. The game looked really good both graphically and in gameplay. After all it was being sold to us as the next game from the creators of Sonic Colors and Sonic Generation...

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Sonic Mania surpasses the Classics - Time to let the fans take over the asylum. 0

Sonic Mania shares a lot of similarities with another game that we never thought was coming: Mega Man 9.Both were made with a key thought in mind: bring back a classic franchise and update it so you can get that big nostalgia rush but at the same time improve upon it as much as possible.The team behind Sonic Mania managed to squeeze even more juice out of some of the things that were just throwaway segments in some of the classic Sonic games from the Genesis. For example they make a boss fight f...

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It was a bad time to be a Sonic fan during the Saturn days... 0

A collector's review of Sonic JamWelcome to my very first review here on Giant Bomb. I really wish we would meet on better circumstances but I just played this game for the first time and wanted to write a review of it. I'm no writer, hell I'm from Mexico so English isn't even my native language so think of this as practice for me and purchasing information for you.So lets get right to it, Sonic Jam is not worth it. OK review is over have a good day!Now for those who want to know more lets go ov...

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