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  • efman posted a message on the post Game of the Year: Day 1.

    Does anyone happen to know what game Jeff G is describing at around the 39:00 mark ( "Captain ..." ), which Bakalar fell off of when playing it with his son? I can't quite find any of the names they c...

  • efman posted a message in the forum topic Thank You, Giant Bomb Team (Tuesday Pause). on the Bombcast board

    This is more than warranted. I support the stance GB has taken as a result of this moment in time. While I was waiting for the podcast to drop before reading the post on the front page, it can wait.As...

  • efman posted a message on the post Mario Brings Pizza with Jeff and Ben.

    Working my way through previous episodes of the Aftermath show.Does anyone know the name of the song that’s played at the end of this episode? Appreciate your help! Stay safe ya’all.