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Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway 0

Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway attempts to present the player with a harsh, realistic insight into World War II.   While it certainly does this more successfully than any other game before it, it does comes with its fair share of flaws. You assume the role of Sergeant Baker, a D-Day survivor determined not to lose any more men in battle.   A determination that is somewhat undermined when the player takes control, and Baker shows little emotion for his fallen comrades.   The story follows th...

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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune review. 0

Capsule Review:  Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is Naughty Dog's first attempt at developing a shooter. Should you go ahead and play the game, this much will be obvious.  Combat is clunky, enemies too resilient and many action sequences feel overly long.  However, if you are willing to persevere, the rest of Uncharted is far more rewarding.  Superb voice acting (mostly thanks to Nolan North) makes taking in the somewhat predictable plot surprisingly enjoyable.  The detailed visuals, fantastic animat...

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Metal Gear Solid Review 0

Capsule Review:  Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid is undeniably important.  It is also undeniably divisive.  You'll either be infuriated by the inescapable lecture on the horror of nuclear war (just in case you thought it sounded like a hoot), or rendered giddy by the melodrama and aggressive insanity of it all.  Essentially, this is a game you should play....

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