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Quests That Require You To Watch Specific Videos... ?

I do love the quest system some - it's probably been the second biggest time-consumer of mine after the ERs on Giant Bomb and is a lot of fun, but where is it going with quests that require you to watch certain videos? Is Giant Bomb profiting from these quests, or is it simply spreading note of a game the staff likes? It doesn't seem quite as a agreeable as most previous Giant Bomb activity I've seen, but perhaps I'm being too suspicious, as it would actually be a great way to keep ads off of the site and what-have-you. I actually have no idea how the staff runs a website this well without constant streaming of horrible advertisements everywhere or a pay service somewhere, so I would be all for some quests that just require you to watch videos that GB got some green from.  
But then, I think what's most likely is just that this is another silly, fun quest that Dave thought up while drinking from his skull cup, right Zach?