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I'd Rather Develop Paradise, thanks. 0

Suffering from scurvy, hunger, and desperation, the intrepid explorers aboard my Portuguese flotilla were desperate for landfall on an unseen paradise. Traveling for almost a month straight, the toll of deep waters and insufficient supplies had made the prospect of discovery slim. Yet, as the sun mercilessly beat down upon their worn ships, a sailor notices an odd shape off of the horizon. Beckoning the crew and their ships forth with sweet breezes of ripe fruit and cool mountain filtered water...

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The Fourth Coming: Europa Universalis IV 2

Europa Universalis IV is, oddly enough, the fourth iteration of the Europa Universalis series from Paradox Interactive. With EUIV, you will be able to live out your wildest fantasies of nationalistic domination and map painting tomfoolery, all the while securely nestled in your leather clad armchair. But, is it worth the colossal investment of time and cerebral real-estate?Things have changed, things have stayed the same –What major gameplay differences could Paradox Interactive have implemente...

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Crusader Kings II Review 0

With a distinct flare all their own, Paradox Interactive has released the second iteration of their Crusader Kings series: Crusader Kings II. Playing Crusader Kings is like watching a silly medieval soap opera where you are the star– but you could die of consumption by the end of your playthrough. Paradox Interactive has the pedigree to create some of the most engrossing, albeit difficult historical strategy games money can buy. But, you ask yourself, “Why would I want to take the role as a decr...

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Oil Rush: A Review 0

In Oil Rush, by Unigine Inc, you lead your fearless air and naval forces across the pristinely clean waters of a post-nuclear, post-global warming world. Oil Rush spins quite the yarn about our current addiction to oil and the devastating effects it will have on the planet. More tower defense than actual real time strategy, Oil Rush utilizes classic Tower Defense tropes as well as certain strategy elements to create a somewhat unique experience. While the graphics and gameplay hold their own aga...

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I Like My Strike to Come First 0

It would seem that all gamers have stumbled into the realm of the "uncanny". I say this because of the complete lack of originality from modern games, i.e. shooters and the fact that gamers drink it all up. My good-friend bought enough Gamerpoints to purchase ol' First Strike (1200 GP) from the XBLA.  Five new levels graced our common room screen:  -Discovery  -Kowloon -Berlin Wall -Stadium -Ascendancy (or Ascension from the tired zombie mode)    These levels add nothing new to the already unori...

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