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Good, not great. 4

Having just finished Liberation and reading Alex's review - I agree with him. From the perspective of a first time "Creeder" (and someone hoping for a great Vita game), Liberation is just okay, and here's why:The story is not clear - more than the grander Templar/Assassin framework - the on the ground, nuts and bolts story beats are muddled. Other than get to point "X" to do "Z," I was often left wondering "why." And not for lack of trying. To its credit, Liberation keeps an index on its major p...

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I like this game. 0

Before Metal Gear Acid 2 I had never played a card battle game. But, as a fan of Snake both young and old, I decided to give this franchise’s card-battle off-shoot a shot. Thankfully, Acid 2 was easy to learn, fun, and addictive.For those new to the genre, like myself, the game’s tutorials were a godsend. They were short, simple and effectively conveyed the importance of and how to use each card type. The game also did a great job of gradually increasing the complexity of the controls and diffic...

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Monster Mash!?! 0

Rockstar's latest effort, Undead Nightmare, is worthy of purchase and an exceptional value at ten dollars. Buy this game. Undead is the video game that has done the zombie genre justice.In Undead you find yourself in the role of Red Dead’s hero, John Marston. Taking place after John has been re-united with his family but before Red Dead’s end-game, Undead begins with the zombie infection of John’s recently saved wife and child. John’s quest to save his family takes him through Red Dead’s entire ...

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Worthy of Purchase 0

Game Dev Story, a game company simulation, is a fantastic universal application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Created by Kairosoft and currently available for $3.99, Game Dev exceeds the expectation set by its price point.The point in Game Dev is simple: create video games (and eventually a console) and make money. After naming your development company (LuiGino & Co.) you start with a budget of a few hundred thousand dollars. You then hire your first employee and it’s time to make gam...

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Purchase Cladun X2 2

As we head back into the dungeon Tiffany 20-XX equips her wand - she thinks to herself, "maybe now that I've entitled it with water I'll beat those fire dragons." Adam Type Infinite stays silent, sharpening his blade while his loyal pets, Boots Bot and King Sam, grasp their respective bow and spear. Mr. Generic, the man created with little foresight rocks back and forth nervously - will his dagger save him from obscurity?That is my story. Think it sucks? Thanks to fantastic editing tools that ea...

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Catherine Review 0

Catherine is a game worthy of purchase. Vincent Brooks is weak and uncertain. His posture, crooked and slumped, reflects his low opinion of himself. It is through Vincent that the player experiences Catherine, Atlus’ latest pseudo-RPG about love, deceit and the choice of when to ascend from child to man.The premise of Catherine isn't unique to games. It finds Vincent Brooks, a thirty-two year old who is confused as to how time slipped by, in a committed relationship with Katherine, an attractive...

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