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Frustratingly hard games

Playing these games leads to higher blood pressure, a non stop stream of obscenities and quite possibly several broken controllers.  Strangely even though they make you want to smash things, you can't stop playing them.

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  • A prime example. To say this game is hard is an understatement. You die and you die ALOT. When you die, you are punished severely.

    Beating a level in this game feels like a major accomplishment.

  • Anyone who has played and beaten this game will undoubtedly remember the final fight against Mike Tyson and how ridiculously hard it was. You would work your way up the ranks of the progressively harder fighters only to have your ass handed to you by Iron Mike in a matter of seconds.

  • Two hits to die. 3 lives total. Beating this game is a difficult task to say the least, but very satisfying when you do finally manage to do it.

  • Without the use of one of the most famous cheat codes of all time, this game was extremely difficult to finish.

  • The bosses in this game are rough, and the lack of health power ups in the game don't make things any easier.

  • Did anyone ever beat this game without the assistance of a walk-through? Possibly not.

  • This game requires a ton of patience and a ton of attempts at each level in order to pass it.

  • When I think of this game I think of two things:

    1) Landing the plane

    2) The $%*#ing re-fueling sequence.

  • No jumping and an awful lot of dying.

  • The difficulty of this game is indeed legendary. This game was great to play co-operatively, unless of course you were playing with partners that snatched up the majority of the powerups.

  • The nightmare difficulty in this setting was indeed a nightmare.

  • Big Money! Big Prizes! Big level of frustration!

  • Fighting your shadow doppelganger was just plain rough!

  • Quite possibly one of the hardest games I have ever played.

  • They weren't kidding with the "secret" part of the name of this game. Its riddled with secrets and you must find these secrets in order to progress. You get one life and the game ends upon dying. Save points? Negative.

  • Gaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

  • Much like its predecessor Demon Souls, this game is most definitely frustratingly hard