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What did I even play in 2011?

Holy shit, turns out I played at least ten new games this year. They may not all have come out this year, but they were new to me.

List items


  • Dragons!

  • dem bromances

  • The Kid feels proud to be on everyone's Game of the Year list.

  • No lie, I fell in love with the character Merrill. So much so that the repetitive environments and kinda messed up story become nearly forgettable for me.

  • As a Twin Peaks fan, I freaking love the atmosphere and story. But, the combat keeps this from being higher on my list.

  • Boring ass single player (same as Forza 3), and fucking abysmal AI keep this from being #2 on my list. Also, my only legitimately favorite car from Forza 3, the BMW M3-GTR, was stripped from me (made a unicorn) for no good reason. Fuck you Turn 10. Fuck you.

  • And oldie, but a goodie!

  • A super neat free Windows Phone game. Love the music in this game.

  • I admit to not having enough time to play more of this game. I am a bad Burnout fanatic.