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    Burnout CRASH!

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Sep 20, 2011

    Crash mode gets a whole new perspective in this downloadable Burnout game.

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    Burnout CRASH! is a PSN/ XBLA spin off of the popular Burnout franchise, developed by Criterion Games. CRASH! takes the popular Crash mode that was absent from the franchise's most recent release Burnout Paradise and gives it a top-down perceptive. Like in previous Burnout games, players select a nice shiny sports car, drive it to an intersection and ram it into a bunch of other cars, trucks and buses. Each vehicle that is hit or involved in an accident will earn the player points (which come in the form of dollars) and contribute to their multiplier that will keep on building as long as your car hits other vehicles. The game features 18 different courses in 6 different locations.

    The popular social mechanic, Autolog from Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, makes its return. Burnout CRASH! also features Kinect support.


    Burnout CRASH! is a re-imagining of the popular Crash mode in previous Burnout games. Here the player must select a car which he controls from a top-down perspective. Levels are broken up into intersections and the main singleplayer mode is Road Trip.

    The player must steer his car into a junction full of other cars and crash into them. The goal here is to cause as much wreckage as possible until time runs out or your car stops moving. After hitting a car, you can use aftertouch where the game goes into slow motion and you can guide the flaming carcass of what used to be your car and orient it towards potential victims. This is used to keep your multiplier going, which rises as you hit more and more cars. If your car stops moving, you can also use a crashbreaker which triggers a massive explosion and lets you move your car around again. The gameplay changes according to what type of car you take. A smaller car will be speedier but won't cause as much damage as the minivan. Certain cars also have bonuses that can win you points. Your playing field also changes according to which track you're playing on, which can be a regular intersection or one full of UFOs and lobster monsters. There are also bonus cars rolling through the intersection that must be avoided (like the ambulance) or hit for bonus points (the pizza truck).

    The game also features Kinect support. You steer your car by holding your arms out in front of you as if you were driving an actual car. You'll then control your car while it's in aftertouch by walking around and by using gestures, like jumping, you'll activate a crashbreaker. The idea of giving the game Kinect support originally stemmed from a hack that granted Kinect support to Burnout Paradise where you would steer with your arms and reverse by kicking back one of your feet. The game was also originally set to be released on Wii. There, you were supposed to trace with the remote which way you wanted your car to go. The Wii version was cancelled as the whole" use the remote to tell your car where to go" concept seemed boring to the developers.

    Multiplayer is comprised of the same gameplay, with players working in teams and adding a slot machine mechanic like MK9's Test Your Luck mode, where the level, car, and gesture to activate the crashbreaker are selected at random.


    Like most games that are submitted early for classification, CRASH! was revealed by the OFLC (the New Zealand video game rating board) before the game was announced by EA.


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