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Virtual Robot Battles! All Hype But No Action 0

Custom Robo's graphics aren't anything fancy for the Gamecube as the gamecube isn't known for graphics or gameplay for that matter. The gameplay that Custom Robo brings forth is rather dismal offering little to no adventure. The entire world is layed out so that navigation is easily followed enough so that younger children could easily walk from place to place, but making the game seem absolutely annoying leaving no room for exploration as you are confined to a track from location to location. W...

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Classic Arcade Fighting! Still At Top of it's Game or is it? 0

This game is a solid game with excellent controls though the controls are a bit complicated so I would advice alot of practice in arcade mode or vs. mode or as the you need to master which combinations are need for certain situations. Each Console has its own version the PS2 has Heihachi  from Tekken in the PlayStation 2 version of the game. Each character starts off in the game with a weapon that is well-balanced for them however as you play story mode and progress through it you will unlock we...

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This game is tactical based on a combination of assault and run! 0

Difficulty: Just Right Time Spent: 40 to 100 Hours "WOW" If you wanna experience awesome online this game is it! This game is overall fun when playing with friends in squads or with people you don't know. Squad gameplay is great preparing assaults and getting commands from the commander himself. The commander also plays a big part in exposing and setting up an advantage for his/her team. The online has up to 64 players. The vehicles are very fun and need practice to control especially the he...

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Can Resistance Tackle other FPS? 0

Difficulty: Hard Time Spent: 10 to 20 Hours "Great multiplayer" Resistance Fall of Man features a multiplayer mode for 40 players.The game features melee attacks, and the motion sensing. The game developers also tried to add oldstyle weapons and futuristic weapons corresponding to the storyline. The game also has the feature of ranked and custom matches which is good to have fun and really play the online game to gain awards and etc. While playing online you will either be assigned to the Hu...

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Infinity Ward delivers another masterpiece that furnishes the bes 2

Difficulty: Just Right Time Spent: 10 to 20 Hours "Great multiplayer" Call of Duty 4 delivers fabulous multiplayer that takes fun to the next level. With different type of game modes this FPS game lives up to the hype and makes up for the previous version COD3. This game has amazing and simple controls which make it effective for any player to advance there kills. The prestige mode challenges players to regain challenges and points and losing all attachment just for a higher rank. Though peo...

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Believe the Hype this game is what you heard about it above GOOD, 2

Difficulty: Hard Time Spent: 10 to 20 Hours "All it's cracked up to be" You are the player (Old Snake) and must navigate the game world in order to progress, using stealth and cunning this where where espionage action comes in word in addition to traditional combat. It uses third person view with full camera manipulation, but also allows the freedom to play in first-person mode. Personally the first person is quite pointless as it isn't that accurate unless the opponent is still and even if ...

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