Current things to do

I'm bad at picking up too many things at once. By making this list, I will hopefully be able to restrict myself to doing ONE THING at a time-

-Book: American Gods by Neil Gaiman - So far, I'm about 25% into the book, and it's pretty great. The dialogue is super sharp, and the world feels pretty well realised. I've not read it in about 3 weeks though. I get distracted easily. I've just got to the bit where all the "Gods" are supposed to meet, on the ferris wheel.

-Anime: Paranoia Agent : thus far, I'm up to episode 4, and it's banging as shit so far. It's hard to describe it with much more than "It's very Satoshi Kon like"

Wii game: Xenoblade Chronicles (?) - I suppose it's XB because Zelda controls like shit on WMP, and it's the only thing I've pretty into. I don't like it too much. The VA is TOO BRITISH, and the dialogue/story is kinda shitty.

PS3 Game: Dark Souls: I'm going for Platinum. Slowly slowly...

X360 Game: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - It's ok. The more time I let go by without playing it, the less inclined I am to going back. The quests are ok, but the dialogue/writing is so dense and uninteresting. I'll probably finish it.

3DS Game: Tales of the Abyss - I like it a lot, 5 hours in or so. Seems to have a good overarching plotline regarding war, and I like the LIMBS combat as usual.

PSP Game: Hexyz Force: Only playing this because it was the first game I loaded and stuck with. It's super JRPG like.


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