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Death welcomes you back 0

Video ReviewIf you don't want to read this indepth review - click the link above :DDark Souls 2 ReviewReview Format - PS3Other Formats - Xbox 360 & PCIntroDeath, Destruction, Pain, suffering - words you can associate with “From Software's” soul series of games. Known for an incredible challenge in patience and misleading new players for being unfair the series has become known as one of the hardest modern games of this generation.To continue the legacy of the series we received ...

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Broken Age shows us when Kickstarters go right! (No Spoilers) 0

Video Review - Broken Age Click to play video ReviewWritten Review - Broken AgeDouble Fine, the studio behind the successful kick-starter game Broken age was recently released to backers of the kick-starter . However the general public which included myself only got are grubby hands on this beautiful point and click game this week. The game is currently split in to two acts, the first act being available now and the second act being released later this year as a free download.Is this kick-s...

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This Mario is great, but we've been here before. 0

Video ReviewSuper Mario 3D WorldSuper Mario 3D World comes at a weird time, the Wii u has been dying for a triple A title from Nintendo to support this console.When I first heard about this game I was skeptical, it looked way to similar to the superb 3D Land on 3DS but with the inclusion of 4 player co-op. It looked alright but nothing original.A few months later I got to try it at eurogamer expo and it was alright and again, nothing special. Then came the latest trailers before the games ...

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It's like Link to the Past, but it also isn't! 0

A Legend of ZeldaA Link Between WorldsVideo Review - Click Here The legend of Zelda games are one of my all time gaming franchise - yes you could call me a fan boy but I've not really enjoyed the recent DS or Wii title as much as the classic N64 or Snes titles of old.The 3DS has now been given the chance to host its first Zelda title and this time the game is a semi sequel to the Snes title A Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past.The game begins with another Link in a long line of Links waking u...

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Guacamelee Review - Video and Raw Written Review - By Fantus 0

Here is the written review or you can check out the video with pretty colours and sound below this.Guacamelee! ReviewMetroidvania games have been making a slow come back over the last few years with gamers seeking that retro feel of exploring giant labyrinth to unlock abilities to progress further in to these mazes and find all its hidden nooks and crannies.Last week another game joined the long list of successful metroidvania games called Guacamelee from st...

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