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Persona 4 Anime x Giant Bomb Endurance Run

Update: JeanLuc has made a new video in the same style as these in my absence.

Over the past few days, I've posted videos on YouTube of scenes of Persona 4: The Animation with audio clips of the P4 Endurance Run dubbed over them. After posting a link to them in a thread in the P4 forum, one on the Something Awful forums about this site, as well as tweets to Vinny and Jeff, I've received thousands of views and pages of comments in less than an hour. Jeff and Vinny have also retweeted my posts and I feel honored that they enjoyed them. I want to thank all of the viewers for your positive comments.

edit: Apparently Sony owns the P4 Anime and is all "hurr my names sony and i hate everything". Not only have they taken down the videos on YouTube, but I'm unable to submit a counter-notification. So, I've uploaded the videos to for the time being.

Episode 1: Charlie meets Dojima and Nanako; Mr. Morooka projects his perversion onto his students; Charlie, Yosuke, and Chie fall into TV Land.

Episode 2: Yosuke needs to pee; The teens meet Teddie, decapitates him.

Episode 3: Teddy waxes philosophical; Charlie summons power of rock; Chie becomes drama queen; Jeff and Vinny call Charlie to pursue booty call with Shadow Yukiko; Yosuke shows off his new jacket.

Episode X: Nanako plays with her new magic wand toy; viewers may need to wear headphones for this.

Episode 3.5: Chie and Yukiko make curry; deemed as greatest Japanese atrocity in over seventy years.