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Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch A Landmark RPG Marred by Monotony 0

Ni No Kuni is one of those experiences that engenders a love hate relationship. This is not a game that will convince anyone who has written of JRPG's as "not their thing" to jump on the train and start grinding out some levels nor does it push elements of the genre all that much further outside of it's fairly strict constructs. What Ni No Kuni does do, and what it does damn well, is take every element that has been in just about every JRPG ever and cram them into a cohesive package. From airshi...

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What Could Be Considered the Most Revolutionary Puzzle Game Ever 0

Every once in a while you have an experience that you can say is truly mind bending. Like the first time you watched Momento. Then every once in a very great while you have an experience that changes the way you perceive the world. One of the first times this happened for me was when I learned about<a href="">Schrodingers Cat.</a>The aesthetic is fairly beautiful all the time.That and just about anything else that I have studied on <a href...

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Oregon Trail for the next generation. 0

Remember that really great time you had in Junior High playing a space cruiser simulator during gifted class? Yeah me neither, but that's exactly the vibe that FTL: Faster Than Light gives off. Think Oregon Trail: The Final Frontier. This unique and charming space simulator has an old school feel to it all around, yet still manages to stay fresh and intuitive.We don't often get strategy simulation titles coming down the pipe that are worth mentioning. FTL is, however, definitely a game you shoul...

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Ninja Theory Gambles and Wins Big 1

Ninja Theory shows how a reboot is supposed to work. Many fans cried afoul when the announcement of a new Dante was made. Thing is, he isn't so much new as he is slightly different and one could definitely argue that he is much much cooler.There really doesn't need to be any further discussion on that point. It does not matter one little bit that they redesigned this character and it was a bold step that paid off huge for Ninja Theory. This game was volatile from the start because either way Nin...

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