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GOTY 2014 TOP 5

Because I'm a grown ass man with not enough time to play games, here are the top 5 that:

  • came out this year
  • I played and...
  • Felt worthy enough to be on a list.

List items

  • Sure, it wasn't as good as Dark Souls 1 but it's hard to put that genie back in the bottle. One thing's for sure: the multiplayer is much, MUCH more robust in this game, and that's a welcome change.

  • More of a sequel than a remake, sharing almost no art, sound, music, or even code from the previous game. Everything is bigger, faster, and varied. It's an excellent way to follow up one of my favorite indie games of all time.

  • This is one that my fiancee likes even more than me. It's cute. Fun. Sometimes cruel. Figuring out the most efficient solution to rescuing those annoying brats is rewarding. The game is a little rough around the edges, though.

  • A delightful, and at times hilarious way to face off against friends. If only it had more levels...

  • This game wasn't as good as Season One, but it wasn't bad either. Perfect for playing while riding the bus. My favorite episode was the final episode because it was the only one that---in my opinion---had truly difficult and status-quo changing consequences. Plus the final episode had a really cool... uh... moment.