It's podcast time!

Life is hectic, you sometimes never know where you be from one moment to the next, this is something I explained when ending my hosting stint on the Last Save Loaded podcast. I just didn’t have the consistent time slot I could commit to on a weekly basis. However I miss podcasting, I’ve ended up filling quite detached from a number of people who I interacted with consistently over the last year. With that in mind I’ve decided to work on a solo podcast project. It’s a personal project of sorts as well. I plan to produce a show that looks through my life in gaming through the years, I was born in 1984 and have recently (June) celebrated my 30th Birthday (there’s a story to be told there but that will have to wait till we reach 2014). Whilst yes I won’t be talking to people on a weekly basis my hope is that twitter will again be my friend and a community will form around the show. Not taking this for granted I’m just really hoping it happens.

The idea is that the podcast will go through 1 year at a time from 1984 to present day. My earliest gaming memory isn’t until much later but I will be still be recounting gaming moments that I’ve accessed since their heyday and I will also be relying on a few older friends to chip in. I’ll not only be discussing games but also where the world in general was during those years and personally of more importance where I was, along with any of my own stories/anecdotes about things that occurred during those years. I’m hoping I’m able to keep the show interesting to others and it doesn’t become too self indulgent again I’ll be relying on the community to let me know what’s good and what should be consigned to the waste bin.

I will be attempting to publish one podcast roughly every two-three weeks. With the intention being that it is heavily edited and fingers crossed have the production values to justify the slower turn around. Obviously the nature of the show means from the offset there will be a finite about of shows; 30.), however who knows where the show will go afterwards. There is obviously the potential for at least one show per year as a catch up if the audience is still there…granted getting people to keep their feeds live for a once yearly podcast is unlikely.

Now here is where I need YOU to be involved, yes YOU, put down that cup of tea/beverage of choice NOW! What should I call the show? Here are a few ideals I have floating around my head;

A Life in Gaming

A Life through Gaming

A Gaming Life

My Gaming Life

1984-2014 A Gaming Life

3 Decades of Gaming

Lifestyle of the Geek and Gamer

Lifestyle of a Geek and Gamer

Lifestyle of a Geeky Gamer

Lifestyles of the Geeks and the Gamers

A Journey through Games

A Personal Journey through Games

The Reflective Gamer

I’m not sure which I prefer if any, I’m not even sure if the name should come from this list as none of them have been that eureka moment as of yet…if anyone out there has a better name then please get in touch either via twitter @flameboy84 or send me a PM on here!

Once the name is decided I will set up a new blog to supplement the podcast and hopefully some small bits of video content.

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