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Friday 25th July - The SNP Clinch Glasgow and The Weather

The practice of staying up into the early hours of the morning just to hear the result of a by-election is not one I would recommend lightly to the average Joe. Besides the impending impact it will have on your attitude the next day, it can also become rather tedious. I thought I would watch the BBC News channel last night to hear whether Labour had managed to hold onto their 25th safest seat  - which they haven't, the SNP took it with a majority of 365 votes - and found that the evening can just go on and on and on. At first we were expecting a result at 1am which was promptly delayed until 1.30am and then until 2.20am after which time a supposed bundle recount had taken place. Now, staying up all that time would have been worth it had Margaret Curran managed to win, however when you find yourself being badgered and mocked by a bunch of ecstatic Nationalists, you give up hope.  I don't actually see what's wrong with Gordon Brown. I think alot of people are willing to go along with the Murdoch press and not think for themselves. Moreover, I don't consider it a victory for the SNP when they fought their campaign on sending a message to Brown about either how much their disliked him or what they wanted changing. This makes a change from their usual crys for Scottish Independance. How is it a victory when people are voting for you not because of what you believe in, but because they don't like the other man? This isn't the people of Glasgow championing the SNP and calling for the break up of the Union - this is simply the perception that Brown is no good.

John Mason, the SNP candidate.
John Mason, the SNP candidate.

Anyway, enough about politics. So after drifting off at 2.30am this moring I was promptly awoken at 8am by the extremely hot weather. No sleep. Great. Us British have a habit of complaining about the weather whatever shade it happens to be. When it rains we complain that it is never sunny and when the sun beats down we complain it is too hot; it seems there is no pleasing us.

It's been a fun experience over the past few days with Giant Bomb. Being with a site from it's creation is quite a special thing I think, you're able to see how it grows over the years. What we see today as perhaps quite a big thing will be dwarfed by however GB chooses to innovate. It's been interesting seeing the members who post community in the advice, which in itself is helpful but which is not without it's own motive. I love the concept that this site has, and I think it could grow into something really special. I'm already searching for games that I used to play in my childhood and reminising through rose-tinted glasses about how fun it was back then even though it looks comparitively poor to today's standards. And I think that is a great thing to have as this industry progresses and matures from year to year. Games come and go, some smell sweet as roses and others frankly should never have been made but without some sort of documentation which alot of us are not graced with having through having an expansive home game library, they are quickly forgotton. And that is a great shame because in the Art world their are numerous ways you can see pictures painted by artists from hundreds of years ago but without some sort of service for the digital gaming industry I was worried that we would not fall to the same fate. However, luckyily Giant Bomb will solve that problem I believe and with additonal controls to be able to search by year and others terms, it should come to be a very fun thing to use.

Sorry if that's not all very clear. I hope to keep a regular blog but as with my blogger account I inevitably say that and then cease to post anymore so perhaps I should not curse myself so early on. Hopefully I will get better in time as I am a relative novice compared to some bloggers both here already and on the other corners of the Net.

Have a nice day,