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Hello! I'm Liam B aka FLStyle, thanks for visiting. Check out my details below and add/follow me!

Manchester, England, UK

Hobbies: Games, Films, D&D, Reading, Anime, Pro Wrestling, Music & Sport.

Likes: Randomness, food, Trafford Centre, Manchester city center, simplicity, funny TV adverts, stuff, pub quizzies, video game nights and board game nights

Dislikes: Repetition, money, Repetition, internet advertisements, fake/forced/patronising politeness, people who are intorrelent to other ideals, cultures & religions, labels & going to weddings, parties, funerals & christenings

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PSN: FLStyle

Nintendo Network ID: FLStyle

Sega Master System -> Sega Mega Drive (PAL name for the Genesis) -> PS1 -> PS2 -> PC -> PSP -> PS3 -> PS4 -> Wii U -> 3DS