Update 5 - Rustic Cabin - More Photoshopping

Added some more details in photoshop, and still not finished

Tinted the image with a brownish sepia colour.

Added in a chair, lantern and also a life ring...thing on the shack...they were rendered in the 3D image and then photoshopped into the scene.

Update 4 - Rustic Cabin - Photoshopping

So, the final render was complete last time and i have taken the image into photoshop to essentially paint on some details etc,

The main thing added in the images below is the sky/clouds

Added in some rain

And a wheelbarrow into the scene...i had to re-render a portion of the 3D scene with a 3D wheelbarrow, and then incorporated it into the Photoshop document and blended it into the final image.
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