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You're not that geat Squeenix.

Okay, I've gotten to the point where, even if a game is absolutely amazing, I'm not going to buy it if it's developed by Square Enix.  I'm a big Final Fantasy fan and a Square Enix fan in general.  I've bought all the ports and remakes of FF that Square has put on the GBA and DS, from FFI and FFII to FFIII.  I was hoping to keep advancing that collection with the recently released FFIV.  It has gotten great reviews and looks amazing, however, if you want to play this redesigned game you have to pay.......40 dollars!!!  Square has been adding 5 dollars extra to their games since I can remember, but now I just can't take it anymore.  40 dollars for a DS game is absolutely ridiculous. Square Enix has a big, BIG superiority complex.  They believe that they are so amazing that you have to pay 5 dollars extra to even touch one of their games and I won't have it anymore.  Seriously, why do they do this.  I mean all their games on the DS are ports anyway, besides some redesign of FFIII and IV they barely put any effort into these games.  It pisses me off and gets very frustrating.  I am dying to play FFIV but there is no chance in hell I am going to pay 40 dollars for it when I can get Call of Duty 4 for that same price, sorry Squeenix, but you guys are douche bags.  Pardon my language.