Top 10 games

These are the games I had the most fun with and or have the most fond memories of, are there issues with every game on this list?

Yes... a lot

I'm not looking at these games on a technical level or what they did for the industry I'm just ranking games I had the most fun with

List items

  • When I think of the best game I think, "What did I have a fun time playing" and " What left the biggest impact on my life after I finished it" and for me that's Twilight Princess, yes it has issues but in my opinion they're issues you can easily look past and don't stop you from having a fun time

  • A river in a dry land

    The last ace in a lost hand

    A heartbeat for a tin man

    Oasis in a singed land

  • I remember picking this game up thinking I would hate it for some reason...Boy was I wrong

  • OK hear me out on this one...(runs away)

  • I can't really explain why I love this game so much I just do, I have played it so many times and I never get bored, characters are fun, game play is fun, story is fun...The game's just fun

  • You know that one really good Fallout game made by people who have never made a Fallout game again... Bethesda please

  • I pretty much have this games soundtrack on my phone...I love this game more then I should but it's clearly the best Guitar Hero

  • The game was written by Paul Dini who wrote many of the animated series's best episodes, the voice cast is the same as the show for the most part, you fly around solving crimes and catching bad guys all keeping it very noire (Like Batman should be) with big crime rigs and gang wars, this is the perfect Batman game

  • Soundtrack and Nina Cortex

  • I didn't play this game when it came out but rather much later and it still feels fresh, no game has come close to feeling like it and although people say it's just a "toned down GTA" I would argue it's more creative and in many ways more fun then any GTA title