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Too Much Flash, Not Enough Substance 4

I've been putting this review off for about a week now, not because I think it's going to be a difficult review to write, but because it's probably going to be a pretty easy one... In a sad way.The original Trials (Trials HD) was awesome, difficult but awesome. The game was the most popular game on XBLA by a pretty wide margin, beating out games like Castle Crashers, Geometry Wars and Limbo. The game seemed to resonate with, shall we say, more mainstream audiences for a reason that's actually no...

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Warp - XBLA Review 0

Some of my favourite games of recent years have been downloadable titles, from Super Meat Boy to Limbo to Castle Crashers, they (more often than not) offer something different than the usual first-person shooter or third-person action game, tending to push the envelope and do something that little bit more risky and unconventional. As such, I'm sure you can imagine that I always look forward to promotions like Microsoft's XBLA House Party (a selection of 4 eagerly anticipated downloadable titles...

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Quarrel XBLA Review 0

Not having an iPhone or, well, decent phone in general means I miss out on alot of cool bitesize games I otherwise would have probably become addicted to (if I had any travelling at all to do, that is). Many of these games are starting to work they way into more accessible areas now though: Fruit Ninja Kinect; Words With Friends on Facebook; Angry Birds on PSN and now the latest addition to that list, Quarrel on XBLA.Quarrel is probably best described as a cross between Risk and Scrabble, and as...

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The Darkness 2 0

I never played the original Darkness. I rented it once, but it just happened to have been in that outrageously busy period towards the end of last year. Between Battlefield 3, Skyrim and Arkham City I just couldn't find the time to play it, which was a shame, because I always liked the look of it and wanted to catch up with the story/gameplay mechanics before I dug into the sequel. Luckily, the Darkness 2 is accessible enough that I rarely felt out of the loop storywise, and easily got into the ...

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NeverDead 5

If you've been paying attention to the site you may remember that I was kind of looking forward to NeverDead, a game that first came to my attention at last year's E3 during the pre-recorded Konami press conference, where we saw a mental trailer in which a guy rips his own head off and throws it at someone in one scene, and then is conversing with a giant, green, buff, Shakespeare looking frog demon thing the next. It looked like exactly the kind of crazy I could get behind, and so I set my expe...

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