What Have I Become? Gears of War 3 Fan-Made Trailer is Great!

A handful of very industrious, and no doubt—skilled young men have created a trailer for Epic Games' upcoming shooter Gears of War 3. Much like the original, this trailer also features one the game's main characters dealing with the loss, and destruction caused by war, and seemingly losing his will to continue fighting. Only to by the end—pick up his weapon, and run headlong into the fray once again:

It's a strong, inspiring concept, and the imagery plus song selection does a great job of conveying it, perhaps even better than the official trailer. If the folks over at Epic games haven't at the very least shot these guys an email, to say "kudos" or "hey great job" I'd be very surprised.

For those interested in comparisons, the official Gears of War 3 trailer is also posted below:

— Jamel Singleton