Meet the Mighty Morphin' Action Movie Rangers

So, I'm hoping that now that we have a couple of new writers helping me out at Anime Vice, I can find more time to hang out on Comic Vine and Giant Bomb. Mwahaha. Just what you guys wanted, more of me.

That said, I come here today to request your help, Giant Bomb. I'm trying to show our new writer GodLen a big, warm, sloppy, wet, drunk Whiskey Media welcome by getting everyone to digg his latest feature, 10 Groups I'd Like to See as Power Rangers Before I Die. Check it out, at least-- my favorite is #4, the Mighty Morphin' Action Movie Rangers, featuring Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis, Steven Segal, Sylvester Stallone, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. They are ALL red rangers.

If you can, please digg it and pass it on to friends. I'm asking this for your sake now. Chuck Norris is in it. And you know what Chuck Norris does if you don't digg his things. >:O