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Your regularly scheduled TNT now 100% more downloadable

So, some of you (a very small subset most probably) may know that I've been keeping a list of all the games that have shown up on Thursday Night Throwdown since May of last year. I started it when I realized that the staff were not going to be archiving past TNTs on the main site. By the 3rd TNT the Ustream archive was already getting confusing. I thought it would be easier for myself, and in effect, others if I kept a convenient list of all the games that had been on TNT along with links to the videos. That way anyone that missed a broadcast would not have to go searching horribly misnamed and disorganized archives to find the videos months later. 

 Ryan's pretty pumped.
 Ryan's pretty pumped.
Well, it turns out the and Ustream players suck ass. Not only are they full of advertisements, but they're laggy as all hell too. So a few months ago I decided it would be better if I just download them. Since its still not in the agenda to put these on the site, I open this to anyone who wants to make use of it.

I present Games Featured on Giant Bomb's Thursday Night Throwdown Now With Download Links! 

If you find any dead links or the like, just shoot me a PM. Files are in .flv and if clicking the links don't work, do a right-click>save link as.