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I'm just a second-year college student who plays games in his free time. I don't really have a favorite console or game company. They all have some good games and I am fortunate to have access to all current-gen consoles because whichever consoles I lack, I can borrow from a friend.

Speaking of friends, I'm all about multiplayer gaming whenever I can. But I don't usually play games online. I think in most cases half the experience of multiplayer is having the person there with you to punch you whenever you're being cheap or something. Some of my favorite multiplayer games are Secret of Mana, the Metal Slug series, Hunter: the Reckoning, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl (I play as Ike and King Dedede).

When I'm not playing mutliplayer stuff with friends, I tend to play RPGs of every variety. Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Eternal Sonata, the Tales series, the Fallout series, and the Elder Scroll series. I don't discriminate RPGs based on where they come from, I just care if they're fun or not.
I already had an About Me section done, but the site doesn't realize it, so I'm gonna do it again.