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The Unfalliable Me...Crap

So after four years of giving assorted friends and people shit for playing World of Warcraft I broke down and bought the BattleChest for half its usual price off of Amazon.  Never thought this day would come.  But I blame myself, because lately with working a full-time job, I have found myself pretty bored when I get home.  I'll look at my games collection and nothing looks appealing at really any moment.  I'll find myself just sitting on the internet until 10 pm then go to unlike me.  Granted most of my friends have it, and thats why I broke down.  I have been dying to play some games with people lately, and as of now they don't quite have what I have.  So unless they buckle down, get new computers, and buy Company of Heroes or other assorted goodies, I'm left chasing what they play.  I had a level 12 Undead Warrior back when the game first launched, so hopefully he got deleted so I can steal his name.

But hey, at least I didn't pay full price for it...Right?  RIGHT!?


Here at the End of All Thin...Oh Wait

So it is upon us humble human beings that Giant Bomb is launched.  Amongst the awesomeness and the broken internet thing, its a pretty solid place.  I like the look and the feel of the site and look forward to spending to much of my time here.  Granted the site is still in its early stages, so we'll see as to where it leads.  Its good to see a place where Video Games are king.  Ever since I got a Nintendo from my parents back in 1989, I have been a "gamer".  Its been my hobbie, my time waster of choice, and an almost lifestyle for as long as I can remember.  And because of this I've developed an intensity to know anything and everything about the business.  So its nice to see that I also have a place.  A place to soak in all the geekdom that comes with being a fanatic about this digital medium.  Feels good.  So look to this space for my impressions, feelings and other such nonsense towards video games.  I plan on loading up this space with all kinds of randomness, because thats who I am...a video game player!

Enjoy, and Fuck yeah for Giant Bomb!