So who the hell..

pays 25$ for Wii points on eBay when you can get them for 20$ in every store? Heck, go on, or, or, buy two 2000 points wii cards for 19.99 and BAM, free shipping! It's even cheaper than buying them on the Wii itself, since, in a move that I would classify as being very dumb, they sell the points in US dollars on there to canadian customers. The hell is that about? My console is set to Canada, and I'm being sold stuff in US dollars? That ain't right. And even worse than that, I'm still paying the same amount of taxes as if I was buying locally! So US dollars + same taxes equals LAME. Now granted, the canadian dollar is so strong right now, but it basically costs me one more dollar for every 1000 points I buy. That's the equivalent of a free NES game after 4000 points. 
So yeah, I have a Wii now. Sort of. It's not my Wii, it belongs to my friend, but he never plays it and couldn't care less about it until the next Zelda comes out so it's almost like if it was  mine. The first day I got it I bought New Super Mario Bros Wii for it, plus Trauma Center: Second Opinion. I also bought an ethernet adapter to go on the internet with it, since I don't have a wireless router. And since then I've bought a bunch of Virtual Console games, namely Blaster Master, Ghosts N' Goblins, Super Mario Bros 1 and 3 for the NES, plus the original WiiWare title 'Castlevania Rebirth'. And I'm not done, oh no, I bought a classic controller + a 2000 points card on, and with that I'll most likely buy Super Mario 64 and maybe Super Mario World, but I haven't decided on that last one since I already have the game on the Super NES. However I also have SMB1 and 3 on the NES and I still bought them, but they were only 5$. I figured it would save me the hassle of having to chug two consoles with me, and the same argument holds for the 8$ SMW.  As for Super Mario 64, I just want to give it a second go. When I first played the game back then It was released, I was just starting my rebellious teenage years and I had a hard time getting into the kid-like atmosphere of the game. In fact, I hated that game for a loooong time. I figured that now that I am a grown and mature man, it's time to go back and see what that game is all about.  I also have the version of the game on my DS (although I didn't pay for it, erm...), and it's supposedly somewhat improved with the inclusion of four characters instead of only Mario, however I'd still rather play the original on my big TV. Maybe I'll regret that decision once the DSi XL becomes available in North America in a few months. BTW, speaking of that thing, when the heck are we going to get an official date for its North American release? Japan already has the console, Europe is going to get it on March 10th, but what about us!?! Lame :( 
I'm also thinking of eventually getting a Link to the Past on the Wii virtual console, even though I already have it on the Snes, just like most games I bought on VC so far. The reason for that is that it would just look better on the Wii than on the Snes. The Wii plays every VC game at its native resolution and in 480p, if you have the component cables of course, while the Snes of course runs at its own lower resolution. And it would allow me to box my Snes for good. Sad, I know.
So what do I think of the Wii? Well, I think it's superb as a collection of retro games. Virtual console is awesome, even though the emulation isn't always as good as on the free, but illegal, emulators on the PC. However, playing the games on a big TV in 480p is sweet, and I really like the user interface with all the small TV's. I think it's a better interface than on the Xbox 360 with its endless menus. Here, you get your little TV's on the front page, you place your virtual and wiiware titles on there and it's awesome to look at. Very visually appealing, and it really gives you a good sense of your collection, unlike the 360 where even if you have 35 Xbox Live Arcade games you won't know until you go digging in the menus. However we have to remember that the Xbox 360 is an entertainment hub, and not only a game console, so it would be kind of hard to make an interface as simple as the one on the Wii. But personally I don't give a shit about all of that entertainment stuff, I have a game console to game on it. Going back to the Wii now, the WiiWare service is interesting, it has cool remakes of retro games, as well as a lot of adventure game releases such as the Sam & Max Series, or the new Monkey Island series. So in that sense it's a sweet console.
However, as far as retail games go, it's a disaster. There's very few excellent titles out there to choose from, and a lot of them are of the dumb party format. If I'm looking at Wii only releases that actually interest me, there's Super Mario Galaxy, Punch-out,  maybe Super Paper Mario,  Metroid Prime 3, and then what? Okami looks great, but it's a PS2 game. I'm still interested though. I don't like Super Smash Bros, I've been burned out on Mario Kart for years, I played RE4 and Twilight Princess on the gamecube, No More Heroes doesn't appeal to me and I already have New Super Mario Bros. I like the Trauma Center games, but I don't love them, so I don't know if I'll be getting the other games in the series. I'll probably get Silent Hill: Shattered Memories though, and I could investigate Little King's story and Zack & Wiki, however I don't know if they're really my type.  That's pretty much it. Not a lot of content on there. I didn't pay for the console though so I can't complain I guess.
So what am I playing now? Well I'm getting back into Bioshock, since I stopped playing it in early January. I like the game, but I'm not amazed by it so far. I didn't really like System Shock 2, and now Bioshock seems to follow in that same vein. Oh well, I'll see what happens down the road!