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most memorable game moment/s

I was thinking to today about one of the most memorable moments in a game I played yrs ago, Homeworld there is a bit in the game where your ship leaves the docking station and the music Adagio for Strings starts playing and the earth is seen falling in the distance in the background and I can remember just thinking wow that is awesome and just sets the scene so well. its a great shame there is going to be no more :(.anyone else got there most  memorable moment.

woot kinect

yay mine is on its way ,got the games here all ready and open ,my phone call to shopto moaning why thay where not going to send mine in the first batch must have payed off :),bad back and tired weeks on its way :P

steam buying madness

just been adding up all the games i have bought from steam and it comes to £1048.81 over 205 games, lol its a bit  scary to think i have spent that much on steam ,makeing me think how much i have spent on boxed games.i think i have a problem :)