Trying so hard to like Bloodborne. Or, why won't Vicar Amelia just die?

I have been playing Bloodborne on and off for 3 months now. It was my first venture into the Souls type games, but since then I have finished Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2 and am deep into Dark Souls 3.

I really love the setting, story and art style of Bloodborne. I like the ways it is different to the other Souls games. There's so much to like.

However, what is stopping is Vicar Amelia. I've tried so many times to beat her and just can't. This boss isn't that far into the game and I feel I shouldn't be having as much trouble as I am.

From my experience with the other Souls games, Vicar Amelia seems like a pretty terrible boss. She's huge, moves fast, her hair gets in the way of you view and her AI routines seem to be modelled on a 2 year old child throwing a tantrum. I understand that bosses are meant to be challenging, but this feels ridiculous.

Just when I think I'm finally getting close to beating her, this happens:

Should I take this as a sign to stop playing? Will I ever beat the Vicar?

I'm going to keep trying because I feel the game is worth it. But man if it isn't the most frustrated I've been at a game.


Jesse Schell talking on how games will affect everyday life.

I heard about this on the Destructoid podcast, it's really very interesting. 
I had thought before about having metrics on everything thing I did (like the way tracks the music I listen to) and now it seems that this is the way things could be going.
However after watching Jesse's presentation it could be much more invasive and worrying than I had thought.