Walking Dead

As I said in a status update, I feel like between Halo 4 and The Walking Dead I've experienced the entire spectrum of gaming story telling. One game is a multi-multi-million dollar game that attempts to humanize and long time icon. The other is a certainly far lower budget, episodic series about survival and zombies. By all accounts you would think that the AAA studio with infinite time and creative talent would be able to maybe bring a story to the table worth anything, but 343 should be a fucking ashamed of themselves considering that The Walking Dead accomplishes more than it did in the first half hour.

Now I understand, apples to oranges, but they are both linearly told story driven games with a lot of story to tell. Theirs no reason why a game like Halo fails so hard to get anywhere near the level of impact that TWD does. Not to say that its a flawless gem of a game, TWD fumbles in its execution of its core gameplay time and time again, and the games presentation and polish leave quite a lot to be desired, but I suppose its the fact that despite these dings that it somehow still manages to make you care about characters, something that is so incredibly hard to do.

I certainly have plentity of thoughts on the game and maybe I'll write something about it later, my point of this was to say that as someone who was COMPLETELY skeptical of this game before hand especially when a lot of different folks were spouting a lot of hyperbole, it really is worth experiencing and I hope that we get to see more of this level of consideration put into story telling/writing more often going forward.