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Gone with the wind

I don't like this site. It doesn't like me either. So I'm leaving, and you'll never see me again. No porn suicides from me. I'm nice like that.



Photobucket Support

Seeing how users can upload images from Flickr, it seems appropriate to add the same support for Photobucket. I know a lot of people who use Photobucket who post in forums like these, so this would certainly convenience a lot of people. I'm not sure how difficult this would be to arrange, though you've already proved it can be done with Flickr


Patience Poem

This site has been providing us all with its fair share of technical issues, which is understandable given its tender age. Eventually (hopefully) these issues will be fixed, and therefore it is only a matter of patience. Please allow this poem to inspire you:

Indulge yourself in the tenderness of patience
Sweet patience,
how I adore thee - there is surely no greater
than to cascade down the waterfall of patience, and float in its all-soothing cinnamon pools

(sorry, I do this)


Blog #1 - A Significant First?

There's something undeniably significant about the first of anything. In this case, this blog is my first on this site, and that makes it significant as there will only be one first blog. Granted, there can only be one second blog, and one eleventh blog, but the fact that this seems irrelevant illustrates how significant firsts are, because it is relevant that this is the first blog. Or at least I think it is hence the mention. Perhaps you don't find anything about this being the first blog significant at all; it is only the first in relation to the others, and is alone no different from the others.

Either way, this is my first blog. More to follow.