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A different kind of racer 4

Bought this game for the Game room because I was curious about it. Being used to the modern racers I wanted to see how old driving games were. The controls are simple, yet not intuitive for some one that is used to use analog button to accelerate or break. I had watching a replay of another player's game to understand how to use the controls effectively. You can only accelerate and not break. You can only slow down by not pressing the accelerate buttons and if you want to accelerate slowly you m...

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Recommend to almost everyone. 0

This is a game that I like. It's a survival horror game that felt like it was made just for me. With the right length, difficulty and style of gameplay. There was only one thing that I didn't like, the music. It was more irritating than enjoyable. There was some more stuff in the game that you could rip on, like how some environments look like they were painted in the same colour, but they are minor and doesn't take away from the experience. This is a game that I would recommend to everyone who ...

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