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One of the most respectable games of this generation 0

There are games that make you forget the passing of time and fill you with joy and the hope of seeing another day to continue playing them. It doesn’t matter what’s their genre, release date or critical score. But we know that they have a place among our favorite games. Dark Souls can easily fall into this category for people who manage to get into it. It happens a lot when you get incredibly angry or annoyed with a certain obstacle, but the feeling you get after overcoming it can’t be described...

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Follows ARPG blue print very well, but following is all it does 0

Torchlight is one of those games that its high praise and popularity always makes me wonder. It was an ordinary Diablo clone you see every year without any special features, (Actually, it lacked multi-player which is an important feature for this kind of game. ) and all of its other aspects like visuals, classes, story, characters, dialogues, quests, etc. were either standard, derivative, mediocre or below average. Why it was treated like it was the next big thing while there are many other clon...

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Not the best expansion pack Diablo could get 0

It doesn't matter if you have played Diablo or not or what's your opinion about it. You can't deny the fact that it's one of the most influential PC games ever released. By tweaking the formula of roguelike genre and making it more mainstream and user-friendly, it created the basis for a very popular sub-genre for RPGs which changed the industry for better or worse. ( depends on your view )Now such an influential game definitely deserves a substantial expansion pack to live up to its name. Hellf...

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Except concluding Arcania's story, FoS serves no purpose 0

Fall of Setarrif is simply made for the sole reason of tying the loose ends and nothing more. It's so short and light on content that it can hardly be called a proper DLC. Let alone a stand-alone add-on.  After the cursed demon left the body of King Rhobar III at the end of Gothic 4, it started to roam and wreck havoc upon the city of Setarrif. A city which was in war with Myrtanian forces, but since the demon becomes a common enemy for both sides, Rhobar orders you as some sort of agent to save...

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Can be appreciated by any Gothic fan who's willing to forgive 0

Unfaithful sequels are no news. Generally speaking, sometimes, they alienate the fans, but attract the attention of mainstream, sometimes they alienate the both crowd. Although Arcania falls to the latter category, but that's not because it's a bad game. That's because it just flew way too close to the sun. What made Gothic games special was the fact that they had both high quality in terms of their whole design and traits of a true cult title. Arcania basically takes both things and makes them ...

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A perfect balance between accessibility and depth 0

Legend of Grimrock is a homage to 80s and early 90s first person dungeon crawlers and it shows how fun and rewarding those games were to people ( like myself ) who were not present in those times. LoG's story, like most of the dungeon crawlers of any kind, is just a filler to give purpose to the whole thing. Mount Grimrock is a place where they send criminal convicts to and the 4 characters who are controlled by the player are among these criminals. The dungeon in the mountain is filled with tra...

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Way too casual for its own good. 0

Costume Quest is a feeble attempt for a Haloween themed casual game from Double Fine and it's just way too underdeveloped and simple in its every aspect to be anything worth remembering.   Story is simple. It's Halloween night and two siblings, Reynold and Wren, are asked by their mother to go out with their costumes and make new friends  by trick or treating, but one of the siblings( dpends on your choice ) is taken away by a monster and the other one must venture into an Halloween nightadventu...

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Lots of wasted potential, but a fun ride nonetheless 0

Dink Smallwood is a free comical RPG. The fact that it's free shows that it's not a big or content-rich game. It can be finished in around 5 hours and the RPG elements are very shallow. But because of its satisfying combat and exploration, you can forget about its problems and enjoy what it has ( although little ) to offer.The story is about a pig farmer called Dink Smallwood who loses his home and mother in fire and becomes an adventurer. His great deeds will lead him to a meeting with the king...

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Fun game, but big changes are needed for survival of the series 0

Baconing's biggest problem is revealed from the minute you start playing it. There are no changes in the structure of game-play and combat. Even in previous games, there were some parts that felt repetitive and boring, ( due to the Diablo clone nature of the game ), so it might be a bit disappointing to know that still, you are playing the same thing. But still , that didn't prevent the developers to try and enhance the experience as much as they can. The Baconing might be more of the same, but ...

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A perfect choice for those who look for a worthy arcade game 0

Bastion's developers knew what they were doing and that's probably the reason why this game holds the player's interest till it lasts. It has a unique style, some neat ideas and also a very good pace and presentation. Story of the game is about a world destroyed by an event called calamity and a hero called " The Kid " who tries to restore it by creating a safe haven ( Bastion ) with the help of the game's narrator " Rucks " . Story of Bastion doesn't make you wonder what happens next, but it se...

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Hardly leaves you unsatisfied when you reach the end 1

Between all of the underdog games I have played, I feel sorry for the failure of RotA the most. It's obviously a game that its developers put their heart into making it and they did it with enthusiasm and concern and I personally didn't see any sign of lazy work in it. But the problem is that RotA suffers from some wrong major and minor design choices which show themselves from the start and made many people abandon the game without advancing far into it. The biggest problem which most of the cr...

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ToV can be good or bad,depends on your feeling about the first DS 0

Deathspank: Thongs of virtue is basically the longer version of the original Deathspank with another set of quests, dialogues, locations and inventory items. So first and foremost, it's for people who couldn't get enough of DS. If you got bored through playing it or didn't like the game and you think ToV is going to change anything, you will be disappointed. ToV's most notable change is switching from medieval settings to modern settings. Some new additions like bazookas, guns ( which are replac...

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DS presents qualities with a share of problems and shortcomings 0

Among all of the Diablo clones I have played, Deathspank is the best. It delivers a very smooth and fluent game-play you expect from a Diablo-like game combined with some nice humor and decent story which other clones lack. Deathspank, who calls himself vanquisher of evil, dispencer of justice and hero to the downtrodden has a mission of finding an artifact simply called " the artifact " from a red haired woman in armor called Sandy. He obtains the artifact through some events, but then shortly...

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A very fun title if you don't expect high from it 0

Garshasp's story is perhaps it's weakest point, although the game uses Shahname, the great Persian epic  as it's main source and has some really great technical cut-scenes , but in the end, story is just an excuse for slicing and bashing some monsters. You will play as Garshasp, Persian hero and monster slayer. ( which unfortunately lacks character development in this game. ) Garshasp sees that his brother gets killed by a beast named Hitasp and a powerful mace in the possession of his brother n...

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After you finish it, you will probably remember it's good moments 1

PROS: - Intense, engaging and extremely enjoyable combat. you completely feel the hit you deliver or the fireball you cast at your enemy. every weapon has it's own pros and cons and they are different to use. for example, staffs are slow, but there's a better chance to knock down your enemy. or daggers do less damage compared to other weapons, but they are very fast. - Very good story. actually, this game is not Might & magic much, but I was interested by it's story and always wondered what ...

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Brings cheap fun for a cheap price. But that's as far as it goes 0

PROS:-Just like all the Action RPG's, Torchlight is an addictive and entertaining game. - Somehow charming visuals.- good duration between level-ups. - Different and fun to use Classes.- Some very neat skills. - Good and suitable length. game finishes before it gets very boring and Repetitive. (of course the game has a lot to offer for people who are willing to continue the game after finishing the main storyline.) - Some Nice music tracks. especially the torchlight town's music.- Enchanting ite...

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Gothic 3: Forsaken Fans more likely 0

Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods is a stand-alone expansion for Gothic 3 and it was supposed to correct the mistakes of it, but it adds a few more mistakes without solving the old ones. Forsaken Gods is exactly Gothic 3 with these differences: -Only Myrtana is available for exploring. Entrances to Varrant and Nordmar are covered with rock. -Unlike Gothic 3, the game is very easy even from start due to the fact that you level-up very fast because of the generous XP points of quests, even the easy ones an...

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An unforgettable experience by the every sense of the word 0

Gothic 3 is perhaps among the most ambitious games ever made. But that's a two-sided coin. It's the reason for both praises and hates this game gets . Many people praise this game because of its literally open-world nature and pure freedom of exploration In a huge world. But there are other people too who hate on the game for the same reason, calling it a sloppy confusing bug-ridden mess. Well these people are somehow right too. Gothic 3 is sloppy at many parts, Sometimes it's awfully confusing...

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Makes an already prime game even better 0

Most of the successful RPG's get an expansion pack too. so the same thing happened for Gothic II with Night of the Raven.NOTR has a difference with some other expansion packs. unlike many of them which add a new campaign and story after the events of original game, NOTR tells a story parallel to the events of Gothic II. you have to start a new game to get the advantages of NOTR.NOTR adds some new things to Gothic II. the most important of them is a new storyline and a new world which is named Jh...

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Not a perfect game, but it gives a perfect experience 0

Gothic 2 is one of those games which can easily find a well-deserved place among your most favorite games ever if you play it properly. it has so much care and attention in it's whole design and small and big details that I can hardly name any other game for comparison. One of the best things about Gothic 2 which sometimes made me appreciate developers with all of my heart is the perfect connection with the first Gothic. actually, the plot starts exactly thirteen days later after the events of G...

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A CRPG to praise for all of the eternity 0

PROS: -Gothic has one of the best and more importantly non-cliche story lines in RPG history. It's not the good guy killing the bad guy or save the world kind of thing. Actually, the main aspect of the story is very simple. A king is trying to get ore to make weapons for fighting his enemies ( orcs ) and sends criminals to a magically protected penal colony with resourceful mines to prospect ore and the main hero of the game is one of them. People in PB used this simple background in the best wa...

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A treasure with lots of dirt around it, but still a treasure. 0

Pros1.Atmosphere. stalker is famous for this and even people who don't like this game agree that this game has a great completely feel like a lonely man that can't trust anyone except his skills. you can't even trust your guns. because the may get jammed during the heat of battle. this game completely delivers the feeling that the zone is a dangerous place. 2. this game has very good graphics that you can run it even on weak PC's.{ like myself}. but if you have a strong PC, you ca...

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Lacks the ambition that powered Gothic, but still, a solid RPG 0

Piranha Bytes only had one franchise ( Gothic ) , but it fully gained the heart of many hard to impress gamers with that franchise alone. But after Jowood , the publisher of their games forced Gothic 3 to be released unfinished, the studio broke up with their publisher and started making a new IP named Risen. PB goes back to their more linear and plot focused Gothic 1 & 2 formula with Risen and you shouldn't expect a huge game world and an absolute non-linear game-play like Gothic 3. Risen s...

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