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Halo 3 0

Halo 3 is probably the best graphically AND over-all ass kicking. Everyone knows that the ending to Halo 2 was the gayest thing ever! But Halo 3 picks up when the Master Chief was on the Forerunners  ship heading  towards Earth.  In the beginning You jump off the ship and land in the rain forest! Now in Halo 2 what happened to the commander of the Cairo?  Did he die? Did he have a heart attack? Get owned by a meteor? What the hell!  But back  to  the game over all its good.I like the Forge mode ...

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Rollar Coastar Tycoon 2 0

This game is a great one. The angle you play at is amazing. I really don't like the angle in rollarcoastar tycoon 3, but what the hell. I like the scenario creator mode where you can create your own landscape for your parks. There you can place everything except workers and rides. The key to the game is build amazing rides and not open everything at once. In this scenario creator mode you can kind of cheat by giving your self unlimited money, but not having a gay objective. You can place build t...

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Idk if it is just Live (mostly Live) but online for this fail game is the worst ever made. In my opinion it is fucking horrendous. I don't understand why EVERYONE! uses a god damn M16, 3 frag,  deep impact, and FUCKING JUGGERNAUT! Me and my clan are the only fucking people that I know who are fucking legit and play this game how it was meant to be played online. The guns are so overpowered and some are underpowered. I dont understand how the largest bullet in the world can't blow a guys arm off ...

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