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More grim, more booze, more bullets 0

Whilst waiting the extra two weeks for the PC version of Max Payne 3 to come out I've been playing through the first and second game to reacquaint myself with Max and his dark, noire world. In some ways MP3 feels very much like a direct sequel and in others much more like a new franchise. A big part of that can probably be blamed on the amount of time that has passed since the second installment. Cover mechanics became a mainstay of third person shooters, recharging health systems are pretty muc...

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If you like shooting people in the nasal passage 0

The first Sniper Elite was a game I really wanted to like but struggled with quite a bit. Its controls on the PC were bewilderingly complex, perhaps due to a less the perfect console port, and the game was incredibly difficult. But it had some things that few games did. The environments were huge for the time and because the game was all about sniping its draw distance was also impressive. It had systems for camouflaging yourself and cool tricks like using loud noises to mask the sound of your s...

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A Diamond in the Rough 0

If your the kind of person who needs their games to be absolutely flawless, you may have trouble enjoying The Saboteur. It's got issues sure and at times it can feel like your playing an unfinished version, but there is still a lot of fun to be had here.   The storyline isn't anything to write home about but it does an effective enough job of motivating you to keep shooting and neck-snapping your way through the story missions. You play as Sean Devlin, an Irish mechanic who has joined an Italian...

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