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Great campaign, great multiplayer, Gears rules 0

Yo this game has a fuckin buttload of content, I'm not even kidding. The story mode took me about 5 days, there's 2,3,4 player co-op, regular multiplayer, Horde Mode, Beast Mode; this game is worth full price.Where and why has Adam Fenix been hiding for years? Questions answered!The game's campaign adds a lot to the Gears fiction. If you want to see things escalate with the locusts, the lambent and Marcus n Dom: the story unfolds a bit before the finale. Questions get answered, things change, an...

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A 5-star game when it came out, and it's still PRETTY CLOSE! 0

There are 16 colossus, and no other enemies or characters. You might think that sounds really short, but It's not. There's about as much game here as any other linear action game.There are 2 halves to it: Finding the colossus, and fighting the colossus.Finding it is where you explore the world and climb up mountains n castle ruins, old broken temples, caves and other cool places. The world environments are massive and mysterious. Climbing walls and riding your horse both feel tactile and solid n...

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It's great! 0

Bionic Commando ReArmed 1&2 are THE best modern-day side-scrollers. If you like Contra, or Gunstar Heroes, or Metal Slug-- basically if you like hitting a giant robot in it's weak-point for massive damage: You should buy these games.  ReArmed 1 had a great enthusiastic 80s buddy cop-movie vibe to it. It was really silly, the swinging was really fluid n fun to get around with, and there were a few good reasons to go back n play it again and again.   ReArmed 2 still has a great dumbass sense o...

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If you see it on sale then sure, but I wouldn't pay full price. 0

Overall it's fine. Not really great, but not a waste.How's the swinging? To be honest: Pretty annoying.You'll have fun swinging around for about 5 seconds, then hit an awkward corner or a wall, or run out of cieling. The swinging's also very fiddley- I'm just gonna compare it to Spider-Man for a sec:In Spider-Man, the momentum you get depends on when you let go of the swing.In Bionic Commando though, it's very binary. If you let go at the right time, you're fine- but if you let go a bit late or ...

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Never played a Street Fighter before. 0

I really do like fighting games. I've never really got into Street Fighter cos they haven't made a big release since I was about 7. So I bought this after watching a couple reviews.It's not nearly as easy to get into as everyone says. They all say easy to learn hard to master, but it's not that simple. The first thing I did was go to the Challenge Mode, where it shows you all the moves. Hadokens and shoryukens are all pretty easy, but when I got to the super moves, it says stuff like two forward...

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