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Gran Turismo 5 - Music Guideline

I am over 100% sure that every single gamer in the world who adores racing games, has Gran Turismo 5 in his/her collection. And whether you happen to be a GT afficionado or you 're just keen on trophies, there is a time that things start to get nasty in GT5. And this is particularly when you reach Level 25 on A-Spec, because this is exactly when real action starts and endless hours of gaming are waiting for you.

By nasty, I dont mean in terms of difficulty. By then, you would have already purchased the majority of the cars needed to finish the game (apart from some exceptions) and you 'd have trained yourself quite enough. Enough to be able to know the courses, the tricky corners and the upgrades that you car needs to be the king of the road.

This is when Endurance Series enter the game and trust me, driving skills aren't enough. Eventually fatigue will hit you, your patience will be tested, along with the stability of your console. Not that PS3 will crush (never happened to me), but if you have issues with electricity, well it's better to fix that first, because one thing you certainly don't want, is to have wasted a good amount of time in a 9-hour race.

Music to the rescue? Perhaps... Personally, I wouldn't have come this far without it. The standard music of the game is just fine, but can you make it only with this is? Or you prefer to listen only the repeating noise of the engine?

The tiny list below (I really tried to narrow it as much as I could) is a recommendation of tracks that will make your life easier and happier during your GT5 gameplay. There are 4 categories to choose from, depending on your needs and your favourite kind of music.

80's is what you should try and listen in the beginning. They are cool songs that will slide you perfectly into the game. Once you finish with them, Rock enters the stage, to give you the boost and the extra power the inside of you needs. If you prefer playing at night or right after work (or during), After Hours are the ones you should choose. They are relaxing and powerful at the same time. For those who prefer pop or dance music in general, well you know where to look for.

Remember, the songs listed are just recommendations. You can choose your own tracks and listen to them while playing GT5, but these particular genres have been tested and seriously, they really fit into the game. You may either put them directly into your console and listen to them from there, or just put on your headphones and enjoy them from your mp3 player or your iPod.

Last but not least, have yourself equipped with some cool water, juice and fruits, or just a cup of coffee or tea. Oh, and don't forget to check your clock, because I can assure you, time really flies with GT5. Enjoy gaming and music, here's the list of my recommendations.


A-ha - Take on me

Phil Collins - Easy lover

Kenny Loggins - Footloose

Bonnie Tyler - Holding out for a hero

Elton John - I'm still standing

Kim Wilde - You keep me hanging on

Hall & Oates - Maneater

Taylor Dayne - Tell it to my heart

Technotronic - Pump up the jam

S Express - Theme from S Express

Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F

The Jam - A town called malice

David Bowie - Modern love

Martha and The Muffins - Echo Beach

Richard Marx - Should have known better

Styx - Mr.Roboto

Belinda Carlisle - Leave a light on

Black Box - Ride on time

New Order - Blue Monday

Falco - Der Kommissar

Michael Jackson - Beat it

OMD - Electricity

Pet Shop Boys - It's a sin

Stevie Wonder - Part time lover


Europe - The final countdown

Beastie Boys - Fight for your right to party

Thin Lizzy - The boys are back in town

Thin Lizzy - Whiskey in the jar

T Rex - 20th century boy

Golden Earing - Radar love

Alien Ant Farm - Smooth criminal

Steppenwolf - Born to be wild

Motorhead - Ace of spades / Overkill

Status Quo - Down down

Gary Moore - Out in the fields

Queen - I want it all / One vision

Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone

Billy Indol - Rebel Yell

The Dandy Warholes - Bohemian like you

The Knack - My Sharona

ACDC - Thunderstruck

Alice Cooper - I'm your gun

Angel Witch - Angel witch

Twisted Sister - We 're not gonna take it

Black Sabbath - Neon Nights / Die Young / Paranoid

Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the moon

Bon Jovi - Living on a prayer

Bryan Adams - Remember

Deep Purple - Highway star / Burn

Def Leppard - Action

Dio - Stand up and shout / Rainbow in the dark

Dire Straits - Walk of life

ZZ Top - Sharp dressed man

Cheap Trick - Mighty wings

Ram Jam - Black Betty

Evanescence - Everybody's fool

Guns 'n Roses - Paradise City / Sweet child o' mine / Welcome to the jungle

Heart - If looks could kill

Helloween - I want out

Iron Maiden - Aces High / 2 minutes to midnight / The trooper

Joan Jett - Bad Reputation

Judas Priest - Breaking the law / Ram it down / Electric eye

Led Zeppelin - Immigrant song

Metallica - Motorbreath / Whiplash / Creeping death

Muse - Uprising / Supermassive black hole

Nightwish - Moondance

Rory Gallageher - Moonchild / Shadow play

Scoprions - No one like you / Rock you like a hurricane

The Sweet - Ballroom blitz

The Kinks - All day and of all of the night

UFO - Doctor Doctor

Uriah Heep - Easy living

Spencer Davis Group - Gimme some lovin'

Larry Greene - Through the fire


Boston - More than a feeling

Robin Beck - First time

Tina Turner - The best

Whitesnake - Here I go again

Cutting Crew - I just died in your arms tonight

John Waite - Missing you

Mr Mister - Broken Wings

Roxette - Fading like a flower

Roxette - Listen to your heart

The Animals - House of the rising sun

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Blinded by the light

Europe - Carrie

Queen - Don't stop me now

Carlos Santana - Oye como va

The Zutons - Valerie

Alicia Keys - No one

Aerosmith - Dream on

Babe Ruth - The Mexican

Def Leppard - Love bites

Dire Straits - Sultans of swing

Chris Rea - The road to hell

Hoobastank - The reason

Heart - Alone

James Brown - There was a time

Muse - Neutron Star Collision (Love is forever)

Richard Marx - Angelia

Scorpions - In trance

Steve Miller Band - Serenade from the stars

Uriah Heep - Lady in black

Hans Zimmer - Nyah

Adele - Rolling into deep

Joan Jett - That's the way love goes

Take That - Back for good


Alphabeat - Fascination

Pink - So what

N.E.R.D. - Rockstar

Pitbull - I know you want me

David Guetta - When love takes over

Katy Perry - I kissed a girl

Snap - Rhythm is a dancer

Erik PRydz - Call on me

Robert Miles - Children

Darude - Sandstorm

Britney Spears - Toxic

Cathy Dennis - Why

David Holmes - 7/29/04 The day of

Alcazar - Cryin' at the discoteque

Armand Van Helden - My my my / I want your soul

Armin Van Buuren - In and out of love

Robin S - Show me love

Felix - Don't you want me

Jay Dee - Plastic Dreams

ATB - 9pm (till I come)

Bob Sinclair - Love generation

Rozalla - Everybody's free

Sash - Encore une fois

The Prodigy - Firestarter / Omen

Culture Beat - Mr.Vain / Anything

Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl

U96 - Das Boot

Usura - Open your mind



Damn you Chimera and all the mourn you brought to earth :evil: :P

It's been a long time since I got addicted to a game like this, especially when it comes to shooters. Normally the likes of Medal of Honor and Call of Duty grabbed a bit from my free time, but as soon as I finished the game that was it. May be I would give a try into the highest difficulty but not more than that.

I remember when me and canana watched online the trailer of Resistance 2 last summer in the introduction of Playstation at the E3. It was certainly eye catching and I was really interested to see how good that game would finally be....

Nathan Hale slowly but steadily became a man worth fighting for his cause. It ain't always nice to see a game ending with a bullet in your head but c'est la vie :P After all, the end promises a quite remarkable Resistance 2 if the guys at Insomniac decide to continue the legacy.

Multiplayer is just great and really keeps not just the spark, but the whole fire up alive for the game. I'm getting better and better every day, mainly in co-op mode which is my favourite, honestly I don't think you 're gonna find a better Special Ops guy in there, feeding you all the time with all the necessary ammo and finding the best cover for some clear shots against the enemies. However, I need to work more on my level :P

Last but not least a song by a band that was formed before even I was born...

Scorpions released the "In trance" album back in 1975, which was their third. It was this particular album that boosted their career and launched them into the hard-rock society for good. In 1975 they toured Europe with Kiss and honoured themselves by singing at the Lion's Den, mostly known as Cavern.

Song of the day : Scorpions - In trance


Football Manager 2009

When it comes to Football Manager games, there's only one title that comes in my mind...

Yes Football Manager 2009 is due to be released on PC, November the 14th.

I've been playing the game series since 1997 I think, when the game was still called Championship Manager and included only the Italian Serie A. The name of the game may changed when Eidos decided to buy it, but the developers Sports Interactive remained the same, even when the contract ended and decided to follow separate ways.

The main new feature in the game is gonna be something that plenty of fans have been praying about for many years, the brand new 3D engine !

I'm very curious about how this is gonna work, as I don't want to miss anything from the realism that the previous games of the series used to have. You see, you had the ability to make changes in your team tactics during the game and those changes were able to happen instantly, something that other manager games didn't (e.g. FIFA Manager).

For anyone that has never played the game before, trust me, it's not the easiest thing in the world, as you don't just manage Barcelona or ManUtd and win all the trophies from the very first season. It takes much of attention, research, transfers, scouting for players and team staff, keeping the balance in the team when needed etc. Not to mention that it becomes much harder when you decide to manage a lower team.

As I said before, the game will be available on PC (sorry console fanboys, this is for our eyes only) on November 14th. Just be patient till then.


Iron Maiden : Somewhere back in time - Athens concert

Officialy, I'm on holidays for the last two days, but there was no way to start them, if I wouldn't attend the concert of IRON MAIDEN in Athens for their "Somewhere Back in Time" tour.


The gates opened around 17:30 and plenty of people had already gathered, people of every age, from young lads of 12-13 years old, to guys and ladies of 50. We rushed in to get to our "seats" as fast as we could, picked up some beers and waited.
The Terra Vibe Park is located about 45mins away from Athens and it's the perfect place for such concerts. This is where Iron Maiden had their concert in Greece back in 2005. About 1 hour before "kick-off" the place looked like this...

The concert started at 20:30 with Lauren Harris the daugther of Iron Maiden's bassist Steve Harris. She was quite good but obviously everyone was there for the big gig. She finished around 21"15 and the pause of 20 minutes before the very entrance of the Maidens was like a century for me... But suddenly...

This is the last picture I got. The Athens fans gave their best, so did Iron Maiden. The concert started with Aces High, followed by 2 Minutes to Midnight, Revelations, The Trooper, and Wasted Years, then I was lost between bouncing and singing my hearts off. It's very difficult to describe my feelings... The last thing I remember was Bruce saying "This is the best tour we ever had. We 're gonna perform some of our best songs from the 80's, some really old songs, so old, that some of them were even released before some of you weren't even born".

But I won't forget two things :

Firstly, my surprise when I heard the intro from the Rime of the Ancient Mariner. I simply couldn't believe it, since this song is almost 14 minutes long. No big deal for them, they will play it as best as they can I said, and yes they did. And secondly the biggest hype of the concert was during Fear of the Dark. The whole audience was singing the lyrics along with Bruce, in fact there were moments that the crowd surpassed Brucie's voice and everybody knows how powerful his voice is.

I believe that there will never be a tour like this. The lads performed around 15 songs, I can't remember the full list, but among them there were, Children of the Damned, Moonchild, Run to the hills, The Number of the beast, Powerslave, Heaven Can Wait, Iron Maiden and Hallowed be thy name. So many good old songs in just one concert by Iron Maiden and still those two hours passed like a river...I just wish this night would have never ended.

P.S. Tomorrow I'm leaving for my holidays and I will be back on late August.I leave you under the sounds of the "Rime of the Ancient Mariner"...