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Being a total moron, I shipped Uncharted 3 to the wrong address.

I sit here, at work, knowing that somewhere out there is a UPS truck with my copy of Uncharted 3 on it. Sadly, the game I've been anticipating most this fall, is heading to my apartment and not my work like I thought I shipped it to. The UPS guy will walk up to my buzzer, ring my apartment and then discover that nobody is there. He well then proceed to get back in his truck with my game and I will have to find the time to go to UPS and pick it up myself. This makes me sad.

I am contemplating fleeing from work the moment someone else shows up, I am mostly done with what I needed to get done. Knowing my luck though, I will find out that the attempt to deliver was made while I was driving, just moments before I get home. Also some guy in his late 40s showed me his new tattoo of a flaming pentagram on his chest just like the guys in the TV show Supernatural. I have never seen that show so I have no clue what he was talking about but I'm been pretty much put off for the rest of this day.

I hate today.

I will survive though.

Also my lunch came from Subway with a nice cup to remind me how stupid I can be sometimes. Eat Fresh.


DC is now just one Batman short of BATMAN BATMAN BATMAN

This fall there are going to be two Batmans in DC comics.  Just one more and BATMAN BATMAN BATMAN could be a real comic.  Unfortunately neither of them will be Martian Russian or Green Lantern versions.

 Stop being a little bitch Robin and suit up so we can have a BATMAN BATMAN BATMAN!
 Stop being a little bitch Robin and suit up so we can have a BATMAN BATMAN BATMAN!

Jacked up on Red Bull, got Metroid from UPS, stuck at work.

Ordered the game from Amazon months ago.  I actually almost forgot about it.  My neighbors were super loud last night and so I didn't get any sleep and I have a ton of actual work I should be doing at work today and not rambling on a Giant Bomb blog.  Also I drank two 16oz containers of sugar free Red Bull right now and my thought process is being super quick and short and not really well thought out.  
After work I have a class I'm taking, kind of wish I could skip it since I'll probably be super crashed by then.
So until then I'll read about how people keep saying how Metroid: Other M isn't a real metroid because it isn't a FPS, sexist, linear, or whatever reason they feel like complaining about from their Super Metroid or Prime tinted glasses.  Instead of the work I really should be doing.
What I really do know is that I need to stay the hell away from more Red Bull.


The Sony hate this week reminded me of the 2004 Holiday Disc.

 I remember being super excited when I got a free demo disc in the mail from Sony for my PS2.  It had a preview for Viewtiful Joe 2, a game I was looking forward to. I played the demo, had a nice time and went back to play Shadow Hearts. It was here that I realized that all of my saves were gone, infact my entire memory card was gone. Hundreds of hours of gameplay just simply erased. Many games that I would never go back to, like Final Fantasy X, because I was not going to sit through that shit for another 50 hours just to beat the game since my file got erased at the final battle. So when I see people complaining that they couldn't play for 24 hours I pretty much think that is nothing to bitch about, because at the end of the day you got to keep your game saves.
Just be glad Sony didn't send you a disc that erased all the data you ever had.