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I finally brought The Saboteur

Last week I joined my sister to a trip to Walmart. While walking in the electronics area of the store, I noticed that The Saboteur was 20 bucks. Without hesitation I quickly picked up The Saboteur and purchased it. Currently I'm couple of hours in, and the game is definitely warming up to me. I knew little of this game, expect the fact that it's sandbox game where you kill Nazis. I feel that the introduction of the game was done well, and I found himself eager to play more in order to see what happens. The Sabotuer's gameplay is good, nothing incredibly special but just good. The visuals due it's black and white tone is most certainly great to look at. 20 bucks for The Saboteur, is it worth it? To answer that question, yes indeed. Also with my copy I received an add-on code that lets you see topless dancers. Score!!! Hopefully once I complete the game,  I probably review The Saboteur myself.