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Nintendo takes a chance and it mostly pays off. 0

When Retro Studios rebooted the Metroid franchise with their Prime Series it was revelutionary. After three Prime releases Nintendo decided to allow a set of fresh eyes in Team Ninja work on the franchise. Nintendo went to Team Ninja because they wanted to add an action packed and cinematic flair to the series. Metroid: Other M is what they came up with, and they succeeded with creating a cinematic experience while also adhering to tried and true mechanics of the Metroid franchise. This is not t...

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Kirby's Innovative DS Debut 0

           When the Nintendo DS was first released there was a lack of titles that used the touchscreen extensively or in any creative manner. Kirby: Canvas Curse was one of the earliest titles in the DS’s life cycle to exclusively and creatively use the screen. Many feared it would simply be a tech demo to show what could be done on the system, but what emerged was a fully realized and enjoyable addition to the DS library.             The game starts when a witch named Drawcia enters Dreamland ...

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It May Be On a Smaller System, But it Isn't a Smaller Quest 0

            I admittedly wasn’t very excited when Nintendo first announced Spirit Tracks. I found Phantom Hourglass to be a little to easy, and this is probably due to Nintendo’s casual marketing approach on the DS. I assumed that Spirit Tracks would be essentially the same type of game, but I found that I was mistaken. Spirit Tracks is not only more satisfying and enjoyable than Phantom Hourglass, but I think in some respects it is one of the finest entries to the franchise. You even get to dr...

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How Does It Stack Up To Its Console Brethren 0

            Developer N-Space has brought the Call of Duty franchise to the DS in two separate games. The first was COD 4 which laid the groundwork for future games with impressive tech. The second was COD: World at War, with this they improved on that tech, and focused on making a better FPS. N-Space is trying to top their first two efforts with Mobilized.             The game is broken down into two different modes, single player and multiplayer. Both modes of which have received great attent...

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