Tomorrow I die.

No, not quite "die" but I'll embark on a journey on discovery and stuff like that.
I'll begin playing lord of the ring(s?) online. I know thats nothing special for the most of you, but the thing for me is that i really don't like mmo:s or lotr. Why play, you probably think. Well, I'm bored and I want to be a better writer. So I gave myself a mission that I hope will make me a more skilled and interesting writer. Hopefully it's going to be fun writing even if I don't like the game.
I don't know anything about lotro more than it recently got free to play. I don't know what server or class I'm going to play on/as. I'll write about all of that stuff as soon as I'll start playing. If anyone wants to play with me send me a message here on Giantbomb.
I will not have a regular schedule for when I post new entry's right now. I'll try to post at least once every week or whenever I got something fun or interesting to write about.
I'll post my Server, class and character name sometime tomorrow.


The big wait!

Because I was born with the misfortune of not living in The US or Japan, we Swedes get games later. In this case I'm waiting for Heavy rain. How much longer am I supposed to wait? One whole day longer than you Americans. This gets me thinking: Why just one day? I could understand the situation with Final Fantasy 12 or 13 or whatever the number it is. You'll have to translate all the Japanese to English, hire voice actors and get an ESRB rating. But the only difference between the US and Europe is the rating system. So why just the one day for heavy rain? I can't see anything that can be change with that extra day. Of course I'm happy It's not a month and I'm not angry that it's an extra day, just confused.


Free Will

 Right now I'm playing Fable 2 on the Xbox. It's such a bittersweet experience for me while I'm playing it. The world is so dead yet looks so alive. It's a feeling that you could do whatever you want to, yet you're so very constricted.
The main town (Bowerstone) that looks like an enormous town from afar, but when you're in it, it has three main roads, a couple of back alleys, a graveyard and a castle.
When I walked around the town my first thoughts were that I could do whatever (almost). But almost immediately I could see the flaws in my previous thinking. There is just so little to actually do! You can kill or marry nearly everyone and buy almost everything. Thats a whole lot if you compare it to alot of other games. I'm not saying that the developers said that you could interact with people in a whole new way and do everything you could think of doing (but with Mr. Molyneux you'll never know). But it's like being a rich kid with all the toys you'll ever want but you were locked up in your house. After a while you would start to see all the fun you could have with your toys if you only had a friend to share the toys with.
I think this is the biggest problem of open world games, you'll always want more! What if you could do whatever you wanted?
I would probably be the biggest wuss in the whole (game)world. Start a family, get a job, get friends. Just do normal everyday stuff. Sound pretty boring when you say it out loud and why not spend the gaming time to do it for real or play The Sims? Well, The Sims is just as hollow as Fable 2, there is always a boarder wich you can't cross (plus, The Sims is boring). And if i grew tired of my real friends and family or job doesn't mean I can kill them or quit without any consequenses for me. Sure, there would sourly be consequences in the game, like cops running out of every corner of town. But death is not a problem in a game! You might lose play time, experience or whatever in a game, but thats no measure to what you'll lose in real life.
I would probably grow tired of my "life in a game"-game kind of fast but I would love to have that option.
After all this I still love Fable 2 and with allot of flaws it's one of my favorite games, every time I start a new character it feels like coming home. But that feeling is a topic for a later post.
Edit: Self promoting is gone!