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Flying home for Christmas... with games!

 My flight home usually takes about 20 hours or so, including waiting times at various airports. So, at least once every year, my handheld consoles justify their existence: last year I made significant inroads into Square's The World Ends with You. I still haven't finished that game.

For me, travelling requires very particular types of games. I'm terribly fidgety on long flights. I have trouble sleeping and I can't read for very long or keep my concentration very well. So, I need two broad genres at my fingertips: arcade-style bite-sized games and RPGs.  Japanese RPGS are especially useful.  I play the arcade-style game for twenty minutes or so, fidget, settle down into an RPG for an hour or so, get restless, then break back into the arcade stuff.

This system works pretty well, and makes a ten hour flight bearable.  Not to mention the waiting times at the airports.  This year, much to my surprise, the PSP dominated the reigning champion DS.  My loyal DS Lite, who had so easily seen off the challenges of my first PSP, cowered in fear, clutching to<em> New Super Mario Bros.</em> in hope as my shiny new PSP rocked my world, and let me watch THX 1138 for the first time in years.

         Phantom Menace becomes MORE mystifying as the years pass...     
         Phantom Menace becomes MORE mystifying as the years pass...     

 The playlist for this trip:

Sega Genesis Collection
Metal Slug Anthology
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona

Things worked out beautifully. I went completely scattershot through Metal Slug Anthology without really making a dent in any particular game. It ate up a decent amount of time.  The Sega Genesis Collection was a ton of fun.  I've been talking myself out of buying this (on various platforms) for what seems like forever.  I messed around with all the non-RPG games in the collection, and settled into a nice playthrough of my favourite game, Sonic 2.  After all these years it's the only game I can go back and play again and again and never get tired of it. 

 Metal... Slug?
 Metal... Slug?

In between all of this, I introduced myself to the Shin Megami Tensei universe at long last. I bought the game thinking it would set me up for future Persona games on PSP that feature all this social link stuff that isn't present in the original.  However, so far I'm really enjoying the game.  There's a bit of a grind involved but it is a JRPG.  Mostly I like the characterisations and the rather nutty cutscenes.  The skinny Japanese guy with a porcelain mask doing an odd impression of Morpheus is my favourite. 

 No one can be told what Persona is...
 No one can be told what Persona is...

Now that I'm home, sans consoles, will I continue with my handheld adventures or just get back to some Steam-sponsored Dragon Aging and so on? It's a tough call.  I could go for some more Sonic 2 right about now...